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If you’re attending a conference or other event related to your blog’s niche, you might want to consider live blogging from the event. Live blogging is basically just posting regular updates to your blog as the event is taking place, rather thanos.

Live blogging can be a very valuable resource to your readers if done right. If you take the time and keep focused throughout an event to provide useful information to your readers, they’ll often consider your blog the go-to place for event coverage in your industry. If it’s done poorly, though, all those blog posts will likely just be looked at as filler or fluff by your readers, and may even annoy some to the point they unsubscribe from your RSS feed.

Live blogging requires a bit of preparation that isn’t necessary for regular blogging. The most important thing, of course, is internet access from the event. If you’re a tech blogger, this almost certainly won’t be an issue. But for non-tech events, internet access may not be available, or you may be required to pay. Depending on where the event takes place, broadband wireless through your cell provider might not even be a reliable way to get online.

Check the event’s website or call the organizers to verify internet access. Also be sure to ask whether it’s free or paid, and whether you need to sign up ahead of time. If there’s no internet available, see if they can verify that broadband cell coverage is available. If they can’t, check the website of your provider to see if they have coverage maps available, or call their local sales office to find out.

Beyond internet access, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to cart along your laptop for the event, or if you’re going to try live blogging from a netbook, tablet or cell phone. This is largely going to be dependent on what format your blog posts will be. If you plan to post tons of images, then a phone with a camera might be the best way to go. If your posts are going to be more text-heavy, though, you’ll probably want to opt for something with a keyboard. You can always try blogging from your phone and then switch to a tablet/netbook/laptop if you decide it’s necessary. And nothing says you can’t mix things up and use one gadget for certain parts, and another for other parts of the event.

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